Innovative SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Does your business come up when a customer searches for the product or services you provide?  Maybe you want to improve your online footprint to drive more customers your way?  At Innovative SEO we use proven techniques to optimize search engine results to ensure customers find your business and increase your traffic. 

What is the value of 1 customer?

How are you looking at the value of each customer?  Do you simply see each individual sale as a small percentage toward profits?  What if that customer was satisfied with the services or product you provided to them and became a return customer?  What if they wrote a positive review online that others can see?  What if you were able to engage with those reviews to show your appreciation for your customers?  What if they recommend your business to others they knew? 

As a business you understand the importance of each and every customer and how that 1 customer overtime helps to exponentially increase revenue and client base.  Would you spend $50 to help your business if you could get at least 1 customer out of it?  What if that $50 got you multiple customers over time? 

Getting your Google business listing verified is your ticket to not just 1 customer but numerous!  So, while you focus on your business let us get your Google business listing verified so that you can have greater access to future customers.  Did you also know that Google will provide free analytics to help you better understand how your customers search for and find your business?  This will help you to focus resources on what is working and less on what is not.  Wouldn’t you pay $50 to get all that?